APRIL Stuffed Cookies

Try our NEW stuffed cookies! Our cookies are thick and crisp on the outside while still being chewy and perfect on the inside! We have a rotating menu of new and delicious gourmet flavour combos to keep things interesting!

This months flavour combos include:

Triple Chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg: our chocolate cookie dough mixed with dark, milk, and white chocolate chips stuffed with a Cadbury creme egg topped with white chocolate sprinkled with milk and dark chocolate crumble

Nutella Mini Egg: our classic vanilla cookie dough mixed with Cadbury Mini Eggs stuffed with creamy hazelnut Nutella, topped with white chocolate and even more mini eggs 

Strawberry Pop-Tart: our vanilla cookie dough mixed with strawberry pop-tarts stuffed with our homemade strawberry pop tart filling topped with white chocolate and candied strawberry crumble 

Spiced Carrot Cake: spiced carrot cake cookie dough stuffed with cream cheese icing topped with white chocolate and sprinkled with chopped pecans


All cookies are approximately 4oz. depending on their flavour. All cookies are nicely packaged together and ready to gift! Cookies stored in an air tight container in the fridge have a shelf life of 7 days after receiving them. If you would like to save your cookies for a later date, feel free to freeze them for up to 3 months!